Comic for 18 May 2015: Quick, someone fetch some sparkly blue baking soda.
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State Machine, the third Rachel novel, just came out on Monday, There's murder, mayhem, and mystery. No Muppets, though. Why would there be any Muppets?

Seriously, if you enjoy the comic, you will most likely enjoy the books. I write both of them! And in the novels, I use kickier words!

See you on Thursday!

The story has been building up to this one for ages. Otherwise, Clarice would have straight-up murdered Speedy a long, long time ago. I keep telling you all that if there's a third Act to the comic, it'll be set 15 years in the future and Speedy's kids will have run Australia into the ground.

If you'd like to help that third Act arrive within... whoa. Only 18 months left in Act 2? Okay, that's scary... please consider buying the books. This helps me to pay my bills, and will help you fill in the gaps between Acts 1 and 2. State Machine, the third Rachel novel, just came out on Monday, and so far the feedback has been very positive.

See you on Monday, and have a great weekend!
Well, hello! It's Monday, May 11th, and there's only one piece of news around here:

STATE MACHINE is live. This is the third Rachel Peng novel. It's about cyborgs. Specifically, Rachel. She beats some people up. She sasses others. You'll enjoy it!

There will be an art day tomorrow to promote STATE MACHINE. It was supposed to be today, but I missed Thursday's strip and I'm trying to not have the novels cut into comic time.

Anyhow. STATE MACHINE. There's a blog post about it, or you can find links to purchase it here. I'll see you tomorrow!